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A Bookkeeper Online was born from my passion to teach, to help and to enable each of you in your efforts to secure a bright financial future.

Recordkeeping can be daunting at the best of times, even more so at the worst of times, especially when your trying to run a business with all the other details that entails. It’s your responsibility to keep adequate records and to be able to support your tax returns, and this can consume a lot of your time especially when bookkeeping is not your background. Not only is it your responsibility but it is necessary to understanding your business finances, to know where you are and where your going, and how you will get there.

Having worked for many years as a bookkeeper on staff for a CPA firm I have had the opportunity to see records in all manner of states and from this experience I understand your pain.

Your focus is on running your business, making a profit, saving, growing, enriching life for yourself and family. Bookkeeping all to often comes in at the end somewhere between the end of the work day and the years tax deadline. Suddenly you find yourself scrambling to make sense of your bank statements and your many receipts just before the ninth hour or you take your boxes of receipts and your bank statements to your tax preparer, hand it over, and hope for a miracle.

Finally you decide to expand or need a new piece of equipment and find your loan officer needs a financial statement but your records are not sufficiently in order which causes a stumbling block.

You wake up one day and realize your taxes haven’t been filed in ‘Oh No’ five years.

You go to the mail box one day and find a letter from IRS signifying an audit and requesting your general ledger and cancelled checks. General ledger! So you load up your boxes of receipts and make the appointment only to find you have to provide the support necessary to support the return in question.

Whatever your needs are, wherever you are in your record keeping, we can make a plan.

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